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About Us

The governing body of HAL is the Board of Directors, whose size is not to exceed 12.

Our Current Board of Directors

Co-Chairmen: Preston Cooper 804-739-6769
                         Tom Pakurar 804-639-4454
Treasurer: Bob Elkin 804-763-4614
Secretary: Mary Earle 804-739-1951
Member at Large: Betty Clapp 804-744-3054 (Governmental Liaison)
Member at Large: Charleen Moore 804-739-0779
Standing Committee Chair: Newsletter: Betty Clapp 804-744-3054

Swift Creek Reservoir

Our Activities

 ˇPublish newsletter throughout the year for more than 200 recipients, highlighting activities, legislation, and concerns relating to Swift Creek Reservoir and its tributaries.
ˇServe on community advisory committees, relating to reservoir issues.
ˇParticipate in public meetings about water resources at the community county and state levels.
 ˇProvide booths at community events for education about water, lawn care and fertilizers.
ˇEncourage innovative legislation to protect the Swift Creek Reservoir
ˇSponsor public forums relating to lake management and land-use.
ˇObtain interpretation of recent state and federal laws governing water resources from   an environmental attorney.