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Recent and Upcoming Events

Recent Events

In 2000, HAL sponsored a Reservoir Day, bringing together all of the reservoir communities in a day of games and education. Future events of this type are being considered.

In the summer of 2001 HAL sponsored a new summer nature camp at both Brandermill and Woodlake, with financial help from community businesses. Based on the very positive response from the campers and their parents, HAL will sponsor this camp again this year (see more details elsewhere on this page and "Summer Camp Photos"
In March of 2002, HAL and Friends of the Chesterfield Riverfronts co-sponsored two symposiums, one dealing with pest control and the second one on native plants

Upcoming Events

HAL is actively working with the Planning Department for Chesterfield County to revise the Upper Swift Creek Plan. The results of this effort should be realized later this year. HAL is also working with the Water Quality group for the county to establish improved techniques for minimizing erosion from construction sites. Examples of this work is shown elsewhere on this website 

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